Creating transparency, accuracy and client satisfaction

Our on site systems are there to create transparency, accuracy and client satisfaction. We also know we need to minimise any inconvenience & strain on your wallet.

With the in-depth processes that we have in place, we believe we have covered all the bases to ensure that our clients receive a well managed, stress free building experience.

Below are the forms we have implemented to achieve the high standard that A Cut Above Building is proud to put our name to.

Building Plans


One of the big challenges when building is the changes which inevitability come up. We have a bullet proof process where no changes will be actioned until we’ve both agreed to the changes and the process has been signed off using our variation order forms. So there no surprises and everyone knows where they stand with the budget and the schedule.


At A Cut Above Building we have a hand over check list so we can ensure that all the elements of the build are covered and that nothing is missed. That way when the building is handed over to you there are no hassles and you’re not having to chase your builder to fix defects that should have been seen before the building was handed over.


Sub Contractors play a major role in your construction project. They can make or break a build, which is why we only use the best. Even though we are more than confident with our Sub Contractors workmanship, we still have this check list in place to make sure our high standards are maintained.


Part of our processes are that everyday our guys complete a site diary where they record their hours, any materials used and any of the sub contractors that come on site. This allows us to keep a real time track of the budget and how far through the build we are so we can communicate with you regularly and give you accurate up to date information.


We have a rigorous health and safety policy, we are a member of the Hazard Co association, we have a health and safety officer and we are committed to making sure the workplace is safe and secure for both our staff and more importantly so you can live in your home in the knowledge that’s it’s safe while we’re doing the work on your house.

As a Hazard Co member we have a specific health and safety plan which is tailored to each site. All personnel entering the site are required to sign in and are inducted onto the site. We also incorporate Health & Safety into everything we do so that it becomes second nature and our company is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, ensuring that all our employees and others go home safely at the end of the day.