Here’s how we roll…

You don't go onto the sports field without a game plan and expect to be the best team. Because we always strive for nothing short of excellence at A Cut Above Building, we think our 'Rules of the Game' strategy is our proven plan of action to achieve this goal each and every time.

“Rules of the Game” are a clear statement about what is acceptable and what is not acceptable at
A Cut Above Building.



  • Hours of work minimum 7:30-5:00 Monday to Thursday 7.30 to 4.00 Friday.  You must inform the Foreman if you need to leave site (e.g. to go to the Doctor, Dentist, or other personal reason).  You will be required to work the occasional Saturday.  If you are planning to be off work please give us one week’s notice in advance.


  • You are entitled to two 30 minute breaks a day.  When you take these is your choice.  Please take into account what tasks you are doing at the time as if often makes sense to have a break after finishing a task rather than in the middle of a task.  You are to keep to the 30 minute breaks.  The 30 minutes includes time spent going to the shop to get your lunch.
  • Limit personal usage of mobile phones during work hours.


  • Respect company vehicles and report any damage immediately.  If you incur any fines whilst driving a company vehicle that deem you to be at fault, you will personally be responsible for paying these fines.  Please ensure vehicles are cleaned regularly.
  • All materials and tools required should be organised in advance, think and plan ahead.
  • Should you wish to purchase materials or tools for yourself on any of A Cut Above's accounts, please ensure you seek permission first.


  • Health and Safety is of vital importance, always work in a safe manner.  If there are any concerns with tools, leads, gear, ladders, scaffolding, working conditions or anything related to health and safety please let the health and safety officer know, or myself.
  • No smoking during work time.  If smoking during your break please do so off site.
  • No alcohol or drug use will be permitted - instant dismissal.


  • Your time sheet must be completed on site and filled in daily.  Time sheets will be collected on Wednesday.  You are to ensure your start time and finishing time are correct.  Make sure your time sheets are accurate when moving from job to job.  All time sheets are to be added correctly and dated and signed.  Any discrepancy on time sheets will be viewed as misconduct.
  • All materials purchased for a job must have an order number being the street address.  Please keep all paperwork which is to be handed in with your time sheets.


  • At the end of day clean your site thoroughly.  At the end of the week ensure the site is spotless as the owner will often look through the site on the weekend.  This includes clearing lunch rubbish, stacking materials in a tidy manner, sweeping the floors so it’s clear of nails, screws and saw dust. Site cleanliness is critical for renovations when the owner is living in the house.
  • Use Drop Sheets where applicable, use common sense


  • Respect the client and each other at all times.
  • If asked to do something by the owner, please do this as a matter of priority. However, if it is a variation or an extra please discuss it with me before you begin.  If you are unsure, please ask.


  • We produce the highest quality work at  A Cut Above Building.  When you have finished a job step back and ask “Is this high quality and would I be happy to pay for this?”  If you’re not then fix it.  Poor quality work and finishing will be viewed as misconduct.
  • A Cut Above Building is a fun place to work.  We smile, laugh and make joke!  If you are feeling grumpy keep it to yourself.  Life is too short for grumpy buggers.
  • Our clients and other contractors are amazed and impressed with how productive we are and the quality of work we produce. Let’s keep this up.
  • Please wear your uniform everyday.